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Our Leadership Team

Keegan Hodges

Keegan Hodges

Chairman of the Board

Keegan is a leader in the home service industry. His proven-track record of building home service brands that deliver value for community stands on its own – and is the foundation of many of the best practices we share with markets every day.

Keegan and his brother, Chadd Hodges, built their small, family home service business into a large multiple market organization with best-in-class people, processes, and technology.

In this role as Chairman of the Board, he sets the strategic mission of the organization and ensures our execution remains true to our core values and serves our partners.

Shawna Devlin


Shawna is a change agent. She brings a multifunctional lens to how we partner with owners and markets.

Prior to joining the team, she served as a regional president for a large corporate media and marketing firm. Throughout her career, she held several executive-level positions, including building and executing on a learning and development strategy with operations in more than 15 states and with financial responsibility of more than $250 million. All of her career highlights involve building trust with people – on her team, in markets, and stakeholders – to do exceptional things because they did them as a team.

She is charged with helping markets grow by using the full power of Garage Door Partners resources, tools, and technology.

Mark Hindley

Mark Hindley


Mark is a financial wizard. He brings a wide range of financial expertise that is sure to benefit local markets and partners.

Prior to joining the team, Mark was charting a path with Cogent Bank, as they embarked on building a Blockchain and Crypto strategy. This experience highlights Mark’s rich experience in traditional and non-traditional financial elements. He has been a senior leader in commercial banking treasury and held executive level finance positions. His corporate finance experience includes spearheading several private equity acquisitions and divestitures, with total enterprise values exceeding $100 million.

Mark is responsible for all of our financial teams.

Kim Pokarney

Kim Pokarney

Director of Operations

Kim has a blackbelt in demystifying complex processes.

Prior to joining the team, she was an executive operations leader with a large media and marketing company. In her role, she oversaw the intregration process for hundreds of local markets into standard systems.

Kim is charged ensuring the execution of new ideas, processes and technology is something that brings value to local markets verses adding to what we know are already full plates.

Mike Kiser

Mike Kiser

Regional General Manager

Mike is a problem-solver at heart with a servant leadership approach.

Prior to joining the team, Mike built successful home service businesses in multiple states. He has expert eye for recruiting talent, developing people, and helping them reach new levels.

Mike is charged with supporting local markets and partnering with organizational leaders. He is the voice of the field team and ensures that we hold true, as an organization, to building and delivering value for markets.

Heather Patton

Sales Manager

Jose Rodriguez

Customer Experience Manager

Alexis Chmielewski

VP of Finance

Drew Arnold

Director of Marketing

LaQwenta Pierre

Director of Learning and Development and Human Resources

Michele Rossi


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